These are a few of our Favourite Foods...

My wife Becky and I recently attended a marriage enrichment event which was both fun and helpful.  The first day began with an icebreaker of the 'Mr & Mrs' type, asking one partner something about the other one.  One of the questions was 'What is the one food that (s)he could not do without?'.  Becky's answer for me was simple - bread.  One of my many bad habits is eating chunks of a loaf (without butter, jam or anything).  You would probably not be impressed by my diet!


At St John's we recently had a series on some of the things Jesus said about himself, focusing on him calling himself 'The Bread of life'.  It's interesting that he didn't say 'The caviar of life' or 'The sweetest delicacy of life' but rather something providing everyday nourishment, that everyone who heard him was familiar with and could relate to.


Even the best or most expensive meal will leave people hungry the next day next day, needing to eat again.  But strangely, Jesus spoke about how 'feeding' on him satisfies our hunger permanently (see John chapter 6 to learn more).  Of course, he wasn't talking about just physical food but rather something deeper, which satisfies us, whether our stomachs are full or empty.  I hope that you will draw nourishment from the best food of all.