What's your priority in Life?

I sometimes reflect on what is my 'core business' and I keep coming back to our parish mission statement: 'Knowing and sharing the love of Jesus'.  Sometimes this is through words (e.g. teaching the Bible) and sometimes it's through actions (e.g. my next activity after typing this is the regular 'drop in' evening at St John's for some disadvantaged members of the local community). 

 When I first became a vicar 21 years ago, my wife commented on the variety inherent in the role, wisely saying, "You won't get bored in this job".  This morning began with a school assembly and ended with a seniors' lunch club, and now I'm writing this blog, so some very different groups have been on my radar today.  The common thread in all of this is Jesus, as He is at the core of who a Christian is.  He is relevant for people of all ages and in all aspects of work, rest and play.

 I wonder what you would say is your own core business - your first priority in life and the thing that makes you 'you'.   Perhaps it's a role in your family, perhaps it's something about your work (paid or unpaid), perhaps it's a personal characteristic, or maybe something deeper like a faith or view of the world.  Amid all the busy-ness of life and the things clamouring for attention, I hope that you'll take time to ponder your own core business, letting God work in you and through you as you do.