Footsteps in the Snow

During the current freezing weather, I have found myself reflecting on snow and the clouds from which it falls.  The Bible likens God’s word to snow (see Isaiah chapter 55 if you’d like to discover more) and I think there are two characteristics of snow which Isaiah had in mind as he wrote:


  • Snow falls on everyone alike, it doesn’t discriminate.  Jesus often surprised people when he revealed and described both the breadth and depth of God’s grace, which comes to some unlikely recipients.  Our parish vision, “Knowing and sharing the love of Jesus” embodies something of this – God has something for everyone;


  • Snow, when it melts, stimulates growth and fruit.  In Israel snow lies on the slopes of Mount Hermon for most of the year and, as it melts, it feeds the River Jordan, the Sea of Galilee into which it flows, and the green Jordan valley as the river continues its journey south.  I wonder: what are the ways in which God wants you to grow and bear fruit?


I said I was also thinking about the clouds from which snow falls – often a thick blanket of rather oppressive cloud.  Sometimes life can feel dark and threatening too, but the sun is still shining above the clouds even when we can’t see it, bringing life, light, warmth etc.  God is like that, a life-giving reality sending blessings even when we don’t perceive them.  I hope you will know them, whatever the weather.