Finding Gods Path

David Writes...

This Lent I have been reading and re-reading the original version of ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ by John Bunyan.  It’s such a good book that, when I finished it, I went straight back to the beginning and started again.  So much of it rings true, especially when he writes about challenges in life such as the ‘Slough of Despond’, ‘Hill Difficulty’ and ‘Doubting Castle’.

It’s probably not surprising that Bunyan knew a thing or two about the challenges of life: he spent 12 years in jail for being an ‘unauthorised preacher’ (which was a crime in the 1600s) and wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress from prison.

One sad aspect of the book is that, when confronted by challenges, many of Bunyan’s characters take diversions off the path which appear attractive at the time but turn out to be disastrous.  Indeed, the main character also takes the wrong path at one point until a his friend 'Evangelist' directs him back to the right one.

All of us either have friends who have taken the wrong path, or we have taken it ourselves, or perhaps are on it now.  I pray that you find your way to God's right path and that He will bless you as you travel.  And of course I recommend that you read ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ (there are several abridged versions if you don’t feel ready to wrestle with 1600s old-fashioned language!)

Wishing you God's best,


Editors Note: Thanks to the wonderful folks at Project Gutenberg you can check out a free version of Pilgrims progress from here :