What Really Matters?

David Writes... 

After I had to give up all sport a few years ago, I spent a while looking around for a new hobby.  After a couple of years, I rediscovered something I had enjoyed as a boy – railway modeling.  I love planning and creating new landscapes and layouts – surprisingly satisfying I might add.

On the day I’m writing this, I have visited a local model railway exhibition and seen an amazing array of layouts, trains, and accessories.  Lots of the layouts are more impressive, detailed, intricate and time-consuming than anything I’m ever likely to come up with.

But, having met and chatted with various people, I find myself wondering if some of my fellow-enthusiasts could be letting their interest get out of proportion.  Of course, this can happen with virtually anything: I have observed much the same in football clubs, golf clubs and other establishments I have been part of.

I’m currently reading a book called ‘Counterfeit gods’ by Tim Keller, which is an insightful read.  At one point he writes, “What is an idol?  It is anything more important to you than God” … which gets me to wondering: what are the things in your life which have become more important than they should?  I hope you’ll give this some thought.