Tomorrow at St John's, we are celebrating harvest festival.  Although people often think harvest is about fruit & veg, and perhaps other food, it's really about giving thanks to God for all the good things that we have.  Sometimes we convince ourselves that it's by the sweat of our brow and our own hard work and cleverness that we have so much, and we tend to give ourselves rather a lot of credit.  As I write this, I have a string of TV adverts coming to mind, maybe you do too.  (My wife has learned to smile when I sing some jingle from the past).


Of course, many of us have a part to play in 'bringing home the bacon' but that part is often not as great as we think.  As I reflect on my years in the overseas aid business, I thank God for the undeserved privilege of living in England where it's all-too-easy to take for granted the meeting of basic needs.


Interestingly, some of the most generous people I have met have been those we might consider poor - it is humbling to receive gifts from those who have very little.  Part of harvest is celebrations is thinking of, praying for, and being generous to those in need, holding lightly the good things we have.


Jesus said that "life does not consist of an abundance of possessions" (see Luke 12 to learn more) so I'll end by asking you - who could you bless with an act of generosity this week?  You might be surprised to find that you enjoy it more than you think.