Life Goals

You may know that one of my community roles is as Honorary Chaplain of Poole Town Football Club.  For those of us standing behind the goal where our team scored the two second half goals to win a match recently, it was great to see the joy, determination and relief on the faces of players and supporters alike.  PTFC have been having a tough run of form, which is in stark contrast to the success of the last few years.  It has certainly given all at the club an experience of the fluctuating fortunes in football.

 It is sometimes wisely said that it’s possible to tell a lot more about the character of a team or individual in tough times than in more ‘successful’ periods.  Sometimes the best thing we can do is grit our teeth and put one foot in front of the other, maintaining unity of purpose as we go.   I often talk with people about the things that are happening in life and we reflect that circumstances are constantly changing, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.  It’s impossible to live life with constant good times, and it’s tragic when people get trapped in the realm of “if only”, feeling bitter about the past.

 God never did promise people an easy life.  What He does promise is that He loves us and will be there for us if we turn to Him.   He wants us to trust Him ‘when the chips are down’ and cooperate with Him in the formation and development of our character.  I hope we will.