The Guide Book for Life

Our recent family holiday was in Keswick in Cumbria.  It's a great place, alongside Derwent Water and surrounded by the four highest peaks in England.  For Christians, it has special significance, hosting the Keswick Convention each summer since 1875, offering a special event in a wonderful location.

Like thousands of walkers, I have come to rely on the trustworthy guides of the Lake District painstakingly compiled and expertly drawn by Alfred Wainwright.  When mist or cloud covers the ground, his trusty guides have led so many people safely to their intended destination.  But a few years ago, I climbed a mountain in Scotland with a guidebook that contained an error.  It was a traumatic episode which thankfully ended safely but I never got to the top of that mountain.

For me the most important 'guidebook' in life is the Bible.  For many centuries, it has proved its worth as a guide through the ups and downs of life.  I became a Christian after being given a New Testament and encountering Jesus in its pages, discovering along the way how inspired and authoritative it is.  As I reflect on guides for life, there's nothing to match it.