Recently I read the autobiography of a retired Premier League footballer.  One of the striking things about his footballing life was a continuing sense of insecurity – would the manager pick him or would he be dropped?  Would he stay fit or get a serious injury?  What was his place in the overall picture?

 This got me to thinking about the ways we seek security and status – in our relationships, jobs, success, physique, income and so on.  Some of us find meaning in where we’ve come from – perhaps you’ve seen the popular TV programme ‘Who do you think you are’, which is an example of this?  I wonder – where do you seek and find your sense of identity, security and purpose?

 In the New Testament there’s a brief phrase which recurs often and, for those of us who are Christians, provides an answer: the phrase is “in Christ”.  Speaking personally, I am pleased to be a husband/dad/vicar/etc but I know that one day all those things could be stripped away.  Who will I be then?  My answer is “In Christ” – He can be trusted and relied upon even when other things are no more.  Billions of people over time and across the world have found this for themselves.

 In case you were wondering, the book was ’Transformed’ by Linvoy Primus, a good and thought-provoking read.  I hope that, like him, you will find your source of identity, security and purpose in our Lord, the best place of all.